Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm doing

Thankfully, I know a few people out here who have good connections to the world that I need connections with. Through them, I've been able to get a few internships in the entertainment industry. I'm very lucky. I am currently interning with an independent producer who lives in Hollywood Hills. She works out of her house, so that's where I go; up Mulholland Drive (somewhat scary because it's a very twisty-turny mountain road). I'm essentially her assistant, and I do things like answer the phone, organize her files, and for the last couple of weeks I've been on the phone on her behalf with Applecare, trying to fix her computer.

This is the view from her house.

I'm also working at Paramount studios for two guys I'll call Q and F. They have me reading scripts a lot, but also doing nothing a lot. I'm actually writing this blog from their office because they've been in meetings all day and had no scripts for me to read. It's ok though, because I really enjoy listening in to their conversations and getting a real idea of how people actually communicate in the business. It's good, real-life experience. I have to say, I've never worked for anyone as inflammatory as F. He's a great guy, but when he's been offended or anything, it's a bit scary. I don't think I've ever heard anyone swear as frequently and unabashedly as he does. I'm not offended by it; I mean, I have quite a strong tendency to mouth off fact, I'd say I have a pretty vulgar side to me. But I'm good at keeping it under wraps when I need to. For example, I don't usually swear when I'm at work (although this job might change that habit- no one really seems to care) :/ I do like reading scripts for them though; it's lots of fun, and it's good for me if I'm going to be a screenwriter (which hopefully I will be) to get an idea of what's good writing and what's really. really. really. bad writing. I also feel great about reading scripts because I can tell that what I say about the scripts to Q and F actually means something; they're not just giving me scripts to read so I can be out of the way. That's the best part. The other best part is that I have an actual ID badge to get into the lot! That just makes me feel pretty important.

And finally, I'm starting another internship this week (tomorrow, in fact!) at another film company where one of the co-founders happened to be a good friend of my brother's girlfriend's mom (sounds obscure but it's not...really). I don't know what I'll be doing there, but I think it will be similar to what I do at Paramount, but a little more personal. It's just me and three other people (really I'll only be working with one or two of them), and one of them is younger than most of the people I'm working with now, so that will be nice.

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