Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update: another face perk

This'll be a short post because I'm also posting about V-Day today.

But I thought of another perk to having a babyface!!  If I wanted to, I could TOTALLY get into a lot of places for cheap or free.  Just a little while back, someone almost let me into an art museum for the child fee, which was all of $0.  Also, today, I was going to something at Universal Studios with one of the people I intern for and they didn't even ask for my ID at first because they thought I was that young.  Later today, someone also told me that I looked like I was 13 (it was ok in that context because I had already told that everyone thinks I'm younger than I am already).  Unfortunately, I'm so used to automatically telling people my real age when they think I'm younger because I feel so defensive about it, that I usually don't have the time to think about lying and saying, "yeah, I'm under 18 and you should let me in for free."

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