Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thoughts on silver linings

The other day, I was at a Q&A session with actress Kathleen Turner and she telling us a story about a time when she was unhappy with her life.  But she told, 'you learn more when you're sad than when you're happy.'  This really resonated with me; it's just so true.  And it can apply to anything.  Even in circumstances where there might just be one little issue, that issue could teach you more than all of the other great things put together if you look at it in the right way.

After having lived in LA for about a month and a half, I know a bit more about entertaining myself (it's very difficult to meet people here) and meeting people for that matter.  I also have learned what kind of city I would be better suited for in the future since I don't like LA.  In theory, all of this new knowledge is a lot more valuable than having all of my various internships simply confirming that I do in fact want to work in the film business (although that's also important to know).

Of course, my own personal situation is a matter of seeing the bright side of things, but for some people, there is actually something innately good about the bad things in their lives.  For example, my sister, A, is really into the band, Keane.  A few months ago, she was telling me about the band's lead singer, who was into some pretty serious drugs.  He was very unhappy and his life was spiraling as happens to many famous people's lives tend to do.  He still wrote songs during this time, but then eventually he went to rehab and came out much better.  However, A doesn't think that he's written any songs even close to the caliber of those he wrote before rehab.

I'm not saying that it's a good thing to drug yourself up so you can learn more about life, but my point is that the darkest times in our lives can draw out some very deep-seated, powerful emotions that we might not be able to access if everything was perfect.

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