Friday, February 24, 2012

Ahh! Life!

Do you ever have those days when you just feel off and you can't put your finger on why?

Do you ever have those days that are just awesome?


Thursday was one of those gross days.  I couldn't say why, but I just felt like everything was bad.  Nothing even went pointedly wrong.  In fact, some pretty good things happened; I found out that something I had written for one of my internships had gotten spread around to my other internships and everyone was really impressed by it-- always nice to hear!  I got a DVD copy of "Grease" in the mail that I had ordered and had been excited to watch.

So WHY did I feel like a SHADOW of DOOM was hanging over me?

Well, that's the point.  I don't know.  I wouldn't be writing about it if it weren't a mystery.  I think that's what people call getting up on the "wrong side of the bed" (although my bed's against a wall, so there's only one side I can get up on).

But here's the thing: having a bad day makes the next good day you have FRICKIN' AWESOME.

Today, I just felt great.  Some good things happened, but it was just a normal day.  Friday.  Yeah, sure.  That probably wasn't a contributor.  But I felt focused on my work and I felt good about everything.

THEN- I was leaving my office and walking across this big parking lot that's in the middle of the lot I work on and these guys were tossing around a football.  I experienced that awkward moment when you're walking by someone on the street or somewhere and you don't want to be rude and look at your feet, but you don't want to smile at them too much and end up walking like- ten feet making weird eye contact with them.

Luckily, I chose to smile at one of the people throwing the football and he smiled back and said, "go long!"


So I put my keys around my neck and ran across the parking lot.  The guy threw it and I caught it spectacularly!  And one of the guys said, "That was so awesome! Will you marry me and bear my children?" Despite the strangely detailedness of that comment, I laughed and tossed the football back in a PERFECT SPIRAL. Yup.  Then I said, "have a nice weekend!" and left with an insuperable grin on my face.  I don't even know who those guys are...

I got home and I was in one of those moods where I just sort was laughing at everything (to myself- which is weirder) and dancing around the kitchen while I made dinner and everything.  Then I played ukulele until my voice started crackling and GAH!  It just felt so good.  But I mean, there wasn't anything that happened to me today that doesn't normally happen to me (with the one exception of the guys in the parking lot- but I was in a good mood before that).

And nothing super bad happened to me on the day before, when it all sucked.

So, what's going on??

Hey!  Brain!  Stop defining my moods for me!  Let my day do it! (unless you're going to put me in a good mood, in which case, go for it)

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  1. hahaha very nice. I was going to suggest coffee. Sometimes I drink coffee and get really excited and happy. Drugs.