Friday, March 2, 2012

Lose 10 pounds without changing your daily habits AT ALL

Alright I lied.

My mom just told me that a key to getting people to read your blog is by giving your posts intriguing titles, which totally makes sense!  So I thought this title might draw some people in.

Really, though?  Without changing your daily habits at all?  Give me a break.

Even if you kept exercising (or not exercising) the same as you usually do and you keep eating whatever you do, and you just took a daily pill, that would be changing your habits, so if you ever see the above as a title for anything, IGNORE IT.

A vlogger that I enjoy watching, Hank Green, recently put up a video about weight loss that I thought was very educational, yet entertaining at the same time.  It's always nice to see someone who's legitimately intelligent lay it all out there for you, defeatism aside.  I, like everyone else, want to lose weight, but it's HARD!  and really frustrating... Watch this instead of reading this blog entry, because it basically says all I want to say (and not to worry- I'll be posting a much less lazy entry later).

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